Do well with money
worrying about it daily. 


Learn the ready-made system that handles all of your Muslim money needs.


The Problem 

Most Muslims aren't trying to get filthy rich.

Most Muslims are just trying to do well with money. 

Instead, a lot of us face money tension because we're...

  • overwhelmed by financial jargon¬†
  • miscommunicating about money in¬†our¬†relationships
  • frustrated we don't already know the answers

It can be even worse when we're...

  • unsure¬†how to pursue halal investing
  • burdened by debt without an exit plan
  • uncomfortable talking to anyone about "simple" money questions

I've felt all of those emotions and more.

I was a Muslim professional with two university degrees.

I had a well-paying and stable job. 

But I was also facing lots of money tension. I felt confused, uncertain and very stressed out.

I wanted to do well with money, but I didn't know how.  

For a long time, I coped by hiding from the tension altogether. 

And when I mustered the courage to search for answers, here's what I found:

  • get-rich-quick schemes
  • generic financial advice that didn't match my needs as a Muslim
  • Islamic finance material that was either irrelevant or confusing

Most money advice isn't for Muslims who just want to do well with money.

I wanted to share generously, save and invest wisely, and spend worry-free.

I wanted to move from money tension to money wellness.

So I spent over 10 years exploring both personal and Islamic finance, looking for a solution to the money tension I was experiencing. 

Here's what I found: the answer to most of our money questions - big or small - is not to become a personal finance junkie.

The solution is NOT to become a drudge to spreadsheets, budgeting apps, or intricate finance literature.

The one thing that not only eased my financial stress but also transformed my relationship to money was a personal finance system. 

The Solution

A comprehensive personal finance system changes everything.

It handles all of your Muslim money needs: your spending, saving, investing, and donating. 

You're not born with a personal finance system. 

But, with a little help, you can build one within a week 

A personal finance system...

  • is more¬†than cliches like "Save money!" or "You need a budget!" or "Start investing!"
  • reliably, safely, and comfortably¬†moves you toward financial wellness.
  • helps you fulfill your role as a¬†steward of the wealth entrusted to you by Allah.¬†

The Impact

I attended the Muslim Money Wellness workshop because I trust Farooq’s knowledge and capacity to teach this material. I didn't have any intention to invest before coming to the workshop; I was focused on managing money in hand. The workshop made me feel comfortable in my ability to do both.

The workshop empowered me with easy-to-use strategies to manage money, and establish systems for informed spending and saving decisions.

Without Muslim Money Wellness, I would still be burdened with guilt about my financial habits, spending without thought and promising future improvement. This course provides rock-solid support, practical tools for money management, and instilling confidence and security in your financial future, in sha' Allah.

- Laura Fayad, Teacher

Let's face it, if you're not a type A person or not in an urgent situation, you're not likely going to stick with a budget. The workshop gives you a system that allows you to be relaxed but also responsible with money at the same time.

The workshop clarified how I should approach and think about money as a Muslim. I was reminded that the wealth we're given is a trust. That we have a responsibility to manage it well in order to take care of ourselves and others. And that we can do that without feeling guilty about the money we have.

I now have a personal finance system that is largely automated. I don't over-budget or track. But more importantly, because of the workshop, I no longer feel unorganized or anxious about personal finance.

- Majda Jimale, Public Service

Muslim Money Wellness can - insha'Allah -  transform your financial life.

Before I attended the Muslim Money Wellness Workshop, personal finances just felt like a big black box. While embarking on starting a new family, I realized that my approach to personal finance as a single person just wouldn't cut it anymore.

Since attending the workshop, I’ve had the opportunity to engage with simple but powerful tools that greatly facilitate personal finance. Farooq is very approachable and knowledgeable, and I am grateful for all that he has shared and his ongoing mentorship.

If I hadn't attended Muslim Money Wellness I would probably still be wallowing in confusion, afraid even to take the first steps to better understand my finances. Muslim Money Wellness is a great opportunity to learn and engage with other people wrestling with similar finance questions.

- Dr. Mustafa Ghani, Family Doctor

The Course

Muslim Money Wellness is a structured three-step journey. It equips you with the insights to navigate critical financial questions and principles, grounded in Islamic tradition.

ūüí°Step 1:¬†Reframe

Examine the psychology of money and how Islamic tradition can influence and enhance your financial mindset. 

‚úÖ Why does Muslim Money matter?

‚úÖ How does money tension creep into my life?

‚úÖ What is my role with money according to the Quran and Sunnah?

‚úÖ What is the biggest money mistake we make?

‚úÖ Why don't budgets work for most people?

✅ How do I consistently make sound financial decisions? 

‚öôÔłŹ Step 2:¬†Rework

Incorporate evidence-based financial strategies through better banking practices, automations, and adaptable planning.

✅ How does my banking setup play a big part in my financial wellness?

‚úÖ How many bank accounts should I have?

‚úÖ What automations can significantly increase my level of money wellness?

‚úÖ How do I responsibly plan my finances without line-by-line budgeting?

‚úÖ How do I do a thorough monthly personal finance check?

ūüėĆ Step 3:¬†Relax

Gain confidence in making financial choices that are compliant with halal investing standards, aiming for a balanced approach to wealth and contentment.

‚úÖ How do I determine what is and what is not a good halal investment opportunity?

✅ Do I need a professional investor to manage my investments?

✅ How do I get started with halal investing today?

✅ How should I think about debt in light of investing opportunities?

✅ How do I discover my personal "enough"?

Inside the course, you'll find comprehensive video lessons...

with an accompanying fillable PDF workbook...

and a printable PDF workbook too.

The Instructor

As-salamu 'alaikum!

My name is Farooq Maseehuddin (Muslim Money Guy). I'm a husband, father of four, high school teacher, and a novice basketball coach.

I'm also a financial educator and writer.

I've been sharing the hard lessons I've learned about Muslim personal finance with friends and family for a long time. 

Two years ago, I decided to write those lessons down and share them with more people.

I've been a teacher and Muslim community organizer for nearly 20 years.

This course combines my love for my community and my passion for teaching simple frameworks that provide financial clarity.


Muslim Money Wellness is for you if you're looking for


✅ a simple system to get your money in order. 

✅ a robust halal investing method you can learn and implement.

✅ a deeper understanding of your relationship to money in light of Islamic tradition.

✅ a way to do well with money without worrying about it every day.

Muslim Money Wellness is not for you if you're looking for


‚ĚĆ an academic exploration of Islamic Finance.

ūüéĮ The course incorporates Islamic Finance principles as needed to develop a personal finance system rooted in Islamic tradition.

‚ĚĆ a get-rich-quick scheme.

ūüéĮ The course explores an¬†evidence-based approach to build wealth over time...not overnight.¬†

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  • A turn-key system to manage your money in 30 minutes/month
  • Money Wellness resources and question-and-answer support.¬†
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Inside the course, you'll learn everything you need to know to build your personal finance system.

Along the way, you'll have the opportunity to ask questions about each lesson and action step. You can ask specific questions about opening accounts, initiating automations, and setting up a custom dashboard to manage all your financial needs in under 30 minutes a month.

If, within 30 days of accessing the course, you feel that it didn't meet your expectations, just send us a message. You'll receive a full refund, no questions asked, and no hard feelings.